Lipase iLPA

NationWide Specialist Laboratory are using a new improved method for pancreatic lipase activity which strongly correlates with cPLI in dogs and fPLI in cats.
In a study of 64 canine samples we derived cut-off values for the detection of pancreatic inflammation by comparison to Pancreatic Lipase Immunoreactivity (cPLI). This study confirmed excellent diagnostic agreement between “Lipase iPLA” and cPLI.

  • Overall agreement between “Lipase iPLA” and cPLI™ of 92%
  • All positive cPLI cases (>400 ug/L; n=18) had “Lipase iPLA” > 95 IU/L
  • All negative “Lipase iPLA” (<45 IU/L; n=30) cases had negative cPLI (<200 ug/L)
  • 11 of 12 equivocal cPLI results (200 – 400 ug/L) were equivocal by “Lipase iPLA” (45 – 95 IU/L)
  • Based on this study, cPLI appears to offer little diagnostic advantage over “Lipase iPLA”
  • A similar smaller comparison study against fPLI yielded a cut-off of 25 IU/L
Lipase iPLA table

cPLI = IDEXX Spec cPL™
fPLI = IDEXX Spec cPL™