Pancreatic Lipase Immunoreactivity (PLI)

Canine and feline serum PLI (cPLI & fPLI) has been shown to be sensitive and specific for pancreatitis in both species and has the advantage of remaining raised long after the levels of TLI have decreased back into the reference range in pancreatitis cases.

Chronic small intestine disease which is complicated by chronic pancreatitis is more common in cats than primary chronic pancreatitis and so in these cases Vitamin B12 and Folate concentrations should also be measured.

Dogs: Normal: <200 ug/L. Levels of cPLI > 400 ug/L are highly suggestive of pancreatitis.
Cats: Normal: <3.5 ug/L. Levels of fPLI > 5.4 ug/L are highly suggestive of pancreatitis.

cPLI = IDEXX Spec cPL™
fPLI = IDEXX Spec fPL™